Have you ever picked up a pencil and sketched? Of course, who hasn’t! And, in that moment of sketching, you created by definition “art.” So, by definition, that makes you an artist.

I want you to use that same train of thought when you consider creating content. If you are putting content out into the world, whether it’s a photo snapped on your phone and uploaded to your personal Facebook or a 2,000 word article, you are already a content creator.

Now that you have the power of being a content creator in your own hands, why am I here? Well, I am going to offer you some moral support along with a few tips to sharpen your content creating skills. What makes me an expert? Uh well, I’m blogging on the World Wide Web where anyone can post whatever they want and call themselves experts on just about anything so… I’m the renowned expert content creator who is bestowing my tips on how to create content––with the content seekers of the world.

Seriously, though, I have trained countless speakers, coaches, and companies on how to create content that works for their businesses. These are clients who are speaking to audiences of 5,000+ multiple times a month and using my techniques to teach those audiences how to create the content of their own. All that is to say––I know a little bit about creating content, so trust that you’re in good hands as we run through 5 basic tips to start or improve your content.

  1. THERE ARE NO RULES! Create content that works for you.
  2. You do not need to know everything. As they say: jack of all trades, master of none––don’t be that person. There are dozens of platforms you could focus on. Choose only those where your target audience is hanging out. Podcasts, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram, Facebook––you don’t need to be an expert on every single one. Do the research, find out where your audience is most engaged, and focus your efforts there.
  3. Do what you enjoy. Like I said earlier, if you’re taking photos, writing, filming, anything, you’re creating content. So, keep creating the content that you enjoy creating!  
  4. Use what you have. You can start creating content right now. You don’t need the fancy camera, you don’t need the expert podcasting tools, just use that thing in your pocket––your phone. Think about it as your Swiss Army knife of content creation. You can shoot HD images, video, capture audio. The best part? It can also edit your content and publish it to your channels. Just get started now, upgrade later.

Now that we’ve got the basics in place, I’m going to give you a couple bonus tips to take your content to the next level:

Last tip. Perhaps the most important tip of all. Stockpile your post. Create 5-10 content posts and have them ready to publish on your feed before you start. Some people use these stock plied post when they get to busy to post others choose to create a week in advance just to stay ahead of the game. Either way, the purpose of this is to make sure you stay consistent with posting. Post daily, twice a week, or once a week–– just choose a schedule that you can be consistent with and stick with it. Nothing is worse than a blackout (where you stop posting entirely). Let me correct that. Never creating any content at all for your product or service is worse.

If this in any way has helped you please email me and let me know what your thoughts are and what type of content you are or about to start creating.