Craig Ballin

A over 20 countries; land, air, & sea I’m always ready to capture the moment.

Coming soon. I bring guest from all walks of life and have random tips to make life better.

A memoir of a 19 year old Craig getting lost in Europe to discover himself.

Author Craig Ballin's book cover

I love creating business strategies. Give me a shout.

A top-notch film producer who knows his way around a camera and has only killed two drones. A marketing consultant who seeks clients willing to lead the industry, playing it safe is not worth the effort. A newl podcaster who’s vlogging life out for the world to learn. A Big Brother mentor trying his best to influence one life, directly. An Author attempting to help thousands of rebellious youth who are meant to lead. Helping thousands of small businesses audit their internal marketing or just find their voice. A traveler with over 20 countries and county who loves to dive into cultures through food. A rare bird who is not on facebook but would love to connect on all his other social media channels.